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Autumn Eye Allergy Relief in San Francisco, CA


Although many correlate eye allergies with the arrival of spring, just as many individuals endure symptoms during the fall months as well. Above sneezing and a stuffy or runny nose, symptoms that affect the eyes can be the greatest causes of discomfort.

When suffering from allergies, the eyes can become itchy, puffy, and irritated and often burn or water. Often vision becomes blurry or eyes become sensitive to light. These symptoms can be so debilitating for those suffering that they interfere with all aspects of everyday life - from work to play.


For contact lens users symptoms are sometimes exacerbated because contacts can often attract pollen. Further, when our eyes are itchy, our first reaction is usually to rub them which can cause even more irritation for contact wearers. Lens wearers experiencing eye allergies often find themselves using rewetting drops frequently or even limiting the use of their lenses or primarily wearing glasses. If you wear contacts and experience seasonal allergies, it could help you to try a different brand of contacts, particularly if you aren't using daily disposables which reduce the likelihood of pollen collection. If you are experiencing discomfort from your contacts, schedule an appointment at our San Francisco, CA optometry practice to discuss your options.

Regardless of whether you wear contacts or not, here are some tips to reduce autumn eye allergy symptoms:

  • Avoid outdoor activities during the middle of the day and early evening when the pollen count is at a peak.
  • Keep windows closed as much as possible, especially when driving.
  • Use a clothes dryer rather than hanging clothing out to dry whenever possible.
  • Clean floors with a damp mop instead of sweeping which tends to stir up rather than get rid of allergens.
  • Refrigerate eye drops or use cold compresses for extra soothing.
  • Clean areas prone to mold frequently with a bleach solution.

If over the counter medications are not helping you may need something stronger. In this case, make an appointment with your eye care professional as soon as possible to talk about your options and begin proper treatment. Our San Francisco, CA optometry practice would be happy to help your eyes feel their best despite allergy season!