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Do You Know the Dangers of Ultraviolet Light to Your Eyes?


Due to measures to inform the public of the dangers of Ultraviolet (UV) light to your skin, (including sunburn and skin cancer), most know about the importance of using UV blocking sunscreen and avoiding direct contact with the sun when spending time in the sun. What is less known is that UV and other types of radiation from the sun can also cause severe damage to your eyes.

If you tend to go out without proper eye protection, think about this: Extended contact with the sun's ultraviolet rays has been linked to eye damage.

Risks of UV Eye Exposure

Excessive UV exposure over a short interval can cause a ''sunburn of the eye'', which results in pain, blurry vision or even temporary vision loss. In the long run, UV exposure can lead to more serious eye diseases such as cataracts, macular degeneration, and others, which can cause vision loss. Just like the real sun, tanning beds pose a serious threat of overexposure to UV.

Selecting UV Protective Sunglasses

To shield your eyes from dangerous UV rays, sunglasses should keep out 100 percent of UV light. Look for sunglasses labeled ''UV 400'', which indicates that they block both UVA and UVB rays from entering your eyes (400 refers to the wavelength of light in nanometers).

The size of your sunglasses is also important. Sunglasses with side protection can prevent dangerous ultraviolet light from entering from the sides and back of the frame.

It's not necessary to empty your pockets to have sufficient UV defense, but it's essential to be certain the sunglasses give full UV defense. More and more manufacturers recognize the importance of offering proper UV defense. The great news is that in addition to guarding your eyes from the harmful sunlight, stylish sunglasses are in style, so find something you love and have fun in the sun!