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Dry Eyes Getting To You? Tips on Keeping Your Eyes Hydrated This Cold Season

Even though many people think of winter as the rainy season due to the precipitation, the atmosphere is actually a lot dryer in the winter, which can cause your eyes to become more sensitive.

Our eye care staff can assist you in choosing the best options to hydrate your eyes this winter. While you are indoors you can prevent dryness by using a humidifier. Optometrists advocate the use of humidifiers in rooms with forced air heating, which can take away moisture from the air.

In addition, it's wise to take extra protective measures once you're going outside into the cold air. You can further protect your eyes from the wind and cold by putting on a brimmed hat and wearing sunglasses. It is important to protect your eyes from the whipping winds to keep them from drying out your eyes.

If your symptoms become unbearable you may want to consider artificial tears which may help manage the uncomfortable symptoms of dry eyes. Speak to your optometrist prior to starting to use eye drops to confirm that they are the right solution for your condition.

Don't forget that if you wear contacts it's important to be particularly cautious in the winter. When possible, use rewetting drops frequently. Lenses are dependent on moisture and are required to remain lubricated to maintain their shape. If they begin to dry out, the lenses can lose their form and stick to the eyeball, which causes discomfort and blurriness. So do your eyes a favor and keep them moisturized this winter. With a little knowledge and preparation, you can stay clear of the hazards of the harsh elements and keep your eyes safe and cozy throughout the season!