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Getting Sunblock Out of Your Eyes

If you have ever gotten sunscreen in your eyes, you know firsthand how painful it can be. A real strong rub in the eye can even result in burning that lasts for hours. It can take a long time until the victim can comfortably open his eyes, particularly in the glaring sun.

There's no doubt getting sunscreen in your eyes is likely to ruin a day by the pool in an instant. Although the discomfort will likely remain for some time, it is important to tend to it as soon as possible.

The most effective way to treat the condition is to put the eye beneath a tap of water for some time. Doing so should flush the sunblock out of the eye yet it probably won't eliminate the burning at once. While it won't help to remove the sunscreen, applying cool, wet cloths to the eyes may cause some relief. Eye drops such as Visine may assist in cleaning out the eye, but they will burn.

Remember, although the summer is almost over, it is recommended to use sunscreen all year round to guard yourself from harmful UV light.

Tips for Applying Sunblock Safely

  1. Never spray sunblock directly on the face.

  2. Never allow little children to put on sunscreen on their own.

  3. Never leave spray lotions where children can reach it .

  4. Never let small children rub in sunscreen. If they have sunscreen on their hands they may rub it in their eyes.

  5. Be very careful not to apply sunblock too close to the eyes.

  6. Wear large sunglasses to protect the eyes and the areas around them from ultraviolet rays.