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The Dangers of UV to Your Eyes – In the Winter

Winter has officially arrived, which means in some areas whipping winds and frigid rains and sometimes snow are also on their way. You wouldn't ever think of leaving the house without a jacket in cooler weather, however unfortunately, far too many people leave their sunglasses behind. Although many of us aren't thinking about the glaring sun during times that we are venturing out to the bitter winter climate, the sun is still in full force during the winter months, and sometimes can be even stronger.

On occasions that you find yourself snowed in, it is wise to be extra careful. In particular in the aftermath of a snow storm, the blanket of snow covering the world around you actually magnifies the reflection of the sun. In fact, for many it can hurt to open your eyes when you first leave the house after a glistening snow. The ultraviolet sunlight that many of us are so careful about in the summer months may actually be more hazardous during the winter because it reflects off the snow or ice, resulting in a double dose of exposure. This is why a proper pair of sunglasses is a necessary part of your winter wardrobe.

While you want to look great in your shades, the most important consideration when choosing sunglasses is checking that they provide adequate protection against UV. Check that your sunglasses block 100 percent of UV light by looking for an indication that they block all light up to 400 nanometers - UV400. Don't worry, proper protection for your eyes isn't necessarily expensive. Many of the more inexpensive options exist that still provide full defense.

Another important consideration in picking the right sun wear is size. You want to make sure the lenses cover as much of the area around your eyes as possible. The more coverage you have, the less harmful UV rays will be able to get past your sunglasses. Wrap around frames will also keep radiation from sneaking in through the periphery.

For the skiers or snowboarders out there, you should know that ultraviolet rays are stronger at peak heights, so you need to be even more sure to protect yourself on the ski slope. Another way to add extra protection is put on a protective hat with a wide brim or visor.

This wintertime, keep warm and stay protected! Don't forget to wear your shades.