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Young Adults and Contact Lenses

No teenager wants to be caught in something that makes them stand out, and in the case of some teens, glasses sometimes seem that way. Just the thought of ''four eyes'' can make a teen panic. As opposed to eyeglasses, kids and teens that switch to lenses report a significant enhancement in their appearance, reports a recently released study. The study report demonstrates that starting at the age of eight, kids may prefer being offered the option of lenses. Results were reported in the November issue of Eye & Contact Lens, the official publication of the Contact Lens Association.

What is it about contacts that teens like? Young adults are easily embarrassed, and they often feel better about themselves when they're not sporting a pair of glasses. Contact lenses may increase teens' self-esteem by providing them a less visible option for their vision needs.

While teens are frequently fitted with contact lenses, children younger than 13 are usually not given the choice of lenses, because eye care providers and parents don't believe that children have the proper maturity to care for them properly. In truth, with the right guidance, even at age eight, children are just as competent at wearing and caring for contacts and they should be given the choice.

Generally before your child buys contacts you should consult your optometrist to discuss any potential issues your child might encounter. Our San Francisco optometry practice can help you in determining the right prescription for your young adult's contacts.

If your child or adolescent is in need of vision correction, why not try contacts? Through just a simple contact lens, you can boost your teen's self-esteem. With the large array of contacts available, you and your eye doctor can work with your child to determine what modality is most suitable for their personality, maturity and lifestyle.